Tubus System was founded in 1998 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since then we have been creating value for buildings through renovating sewage- and rainwater pipes.

Tubus System opens up new frontiers in innovation for all participants involved in renovation of real estate and infrastructure, from creation to usage. This new approach to renovation is only in the beginning.

The possibilities you get from connecting this method with the skills, knowledge and experience that all the people that work with Tubus System is endless.

Tubus System are now located in Germany, Holland, Italy and Sweden with our headquarter in Gothenburg, and with organic growth our goal is to be located across all Europe.

At present, we are 200 employees striving towards making Tubus System a well-known and successful company across Europe.


Tubus System is a part of the WBF Group with the headquarter in Gothenburg, Sweden. The WBF Group provides various solutions for property owners, residents, housing cooperatives and public-sector entities.

Every part of the organization has its own area of expertise but we all subscribe to WBF's core commitments of quality, cost efficiency, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


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