Four hectic days in our trade show stand, with lots of interest from all over the world was the result for Tubus System at Bautec Berlin 2014.

Relining with Tubus System is the perfect method for when it is time to exchange or renovate your waste water pipes. Judging from the amount of facility owners and facility care takers that visited us in our booth in order to know more about how they could avoid breaking up walls and floors to exchange old pipes waste water pipes, relining with Tubus System will become very big in Germany.

Jonas Carlsson, Business Manager at Tubus System International:
"We are truly happy for the attention that relining with Tubus System brings where ever we go!
People, not only from Berlin and Germany this time, but from all over the world, came and visited us and they wanted to discuss how they could repair their waste water pipes of course, instead of exchanging them."

Choosing relining with Tubus System will not only save you a lot of money, but also a lot of disturbance and minimize the impact on the environment since it creates basically no waste at all compared to traditional pipe replacement.

Since Bautec Berlin is an international trade show, we manned up with international personnel to be able to meet the many questions and requests from all over and we really had a good time meetin you all!

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