Tubus System can proudly say that we, as so many times before, are leading the pipe renovation business forward.

 We are the first and only pipe renovation company that are able to CE-mark our product thanks to our ETA (European Technical Approval). Tubus System has always worked towards strengthening the quality and the CE-mark means that we meet all European countries' demands of waste water pipe renovation - relining.

Tubus System has and will always be the front leader in the relining business regarding quality and workmanship.



The initial purpose for Tubus System to file for an ETA in order to CE-mark our product was partly to drive business standards to a higher level, but also to build a quicker acceptance and credibility of our product all over Europe. This is mainly because an ETA is valued significantly higher than any national approvals. 

The reason for this is that in order to achieve an ETA, you have to fulfil all of the European Union member countries' demands. The country, whose requirements are highest in any given category, is the country which policies that will be applied.

In conclusion, all the European countries' requirements on method execution and its components, are achieved before an ETA is issued. This creates greater knowledge and higher demands on Tubus System as a supplier.

We strive towards a higher quality standard in general for the pipe renovation business, but we also show our customers that they can always feel well at ease when working together with Tubus System.


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