Tubus System is a unique and proven technique to install brand new pipes inside old ones. The Tubus System relining method is excellent when it is time to change or renovate the whole waste water pipe system in a building, or when an urgent pipe repair is needed in a smaller section.

We have worked with, and developed, our very own method since 1998 and we have performed relining in more than 40 000 apartments and hundreds of commercial facilities since the start.

It takes us, on average, only one day to install new seamless and self-supporting Tubus System pipes in an average sized apartment and the new sewage pipes are ready to be used the very same day!

Our seamless Tubus System pipes are installed with very little disturbance to the tenants or residents. It comes with a 10-year warranty and over 50 years of expected lifetime!





Pipes renovated with Tubus System have an expected life time of at least 50 years and the customer gets a 10-year functional warranty. Every renovated pipe is thoroughly inspected and video recorded as part of the quality assurance procedure and project documentation that all customers receive at project completion.

Tubus System is the first and only company that is able to CE-mark our product. This proves that we are top of the line regarding quality in the relining business.



When you use relining with Tubus System we install new pipes inside the old ones. This means that you avoid the cost of removing the old pipes.



With traditional renovation methods of pipes and drums, the demolition and rebuilding are large processes. With Tubus System, the disturbance is kept to an absolute minimum and demolition and rebuilding can be avoided. The residents in a building that is renovated can safely stay in place throughout the work and do not need to be evacuated.



Removing old sewer pipes results in large amounts of, and often contaminated, waste. With Tubus System, we renovate without impacting the environment in a negative way.  Renovating your sewage pipes with Tubus System creates hardly any waste at all. That is what we call environmentally sustainable.

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