Relining with Tubus System is an established and proven technique for pipe renovation, or restoration, where several layers of a special corrosive-resistant glass flake reinforced polyester are applied to the inner walls of an existing pipe. This reinforced polyester dries to form a new, durable and seamless pipe system that has a life expectancy of at least 50 years.

Tubus System relining is a cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution when renovating sewage pipe systems inside and outside buildings.

Tubus System also carries out relining of tubular pipes and culverts for infrastructure and oil separators with minimum disturbance for the user and the surroundings.



There are amazing possibilities with relining with Tubus System. The technique is very fast and very cost effective in comparison to alternatives. We are convinced that we only have seen the start of the possibilities for using Tubus System. So far, Tubus System works in two different areas:

Renovation or restoration of sewage pipe systems inside and outside buildings and renovation in different areas within infrastructure.



First our field technicians dismantle kitchen or bathroom fittings to gain access to the pipe. After that the pipe is inspected with a camera and mechanically cleaned on the inside.



Our field technicians apply several layers of our special corrosive-resistant material to the inner wall of the existing pipe. This reinforced material dries to form a new and durable pipe. The technique is suitable for all types of waste pipes with a diameter from 50mm.



After production, the new plastic pipe is inspected. The inspection is filmed and a copy of the film is sent to Tubus System quality control at our HQ in Sweden. When the renovation is complete the kitchen and bathroom fittings are replaced, the workplace is cleaned and the new pipes are ready to be used.



To ensure the correct quality, the documentation of every new pipe undergoes a further check at our HQ in Gothenburg. After this check, the documentation is sent to the client. Tubus System always gives you ten years warranty on the new pipe.

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