Tubus System has been tested and has obtained technical approval by EOTA (European Organization for Technical Approvals), SITAC in Sweden, DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) in Germany and by VTT in Finland. We are proud to be the only relining supplier with approvals across all of Europe.

SITAC is a subsidiary company to the "SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden" and issues certificates for construction products and personal skills within the construction industry. SITAC is Sweden’s certification body in the European Union's European Organization for Technical Approvals (EOTA), an EU authority with the power to issue European Technical Approvals for construction products and technologies.

According to SP and SITAC, the new Tubus System waste pipes have "an estimated service life of at least 50 years". But independent certification is not your only guarantee of quality.

Every Tubus System renovated pipe is subjected to our rigorous quality control where we video record every pipe, before and after the renovation. Our quality department inspects the recording and provides all our customers with a copy of that documentation upon project completion. Our technology is tested and certified — and so are also our field technicians. Each Tubus System technician goes through extensive and frequent training.



We are proud to be the only relining company with a type approved relining process that is certified in all countries in the European Union together with local certifications in Germany, Sweden and Finland. Our ETA, issued by EOTA makes Tubus System able to CE-mark our pipe renovations.

EOTA  - European Organisation for Technical Approvals.

SITAC - Swedish Institute for Technical Approval
 in Construction. 

DIBt    - Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik 

VTT    - Technical Research Centre of Finland



Tubus System is very confident about the quality of our relined pipes and therefore provides our customers with long warranty periods, up to 10 years.

Customer warranty  10 years

Lifetime expectancy > 50 years



Renovating buildings and facilities generates large amounts of construction waste. Removing old rain water and sewage pipe systems is not excluded and can result in large amounts of waste. Even contaminated construction waste like for example asbestos are common when buildings, or part of a buildings, needs to be demolished. If you choose relining with Tubus System instead, you are able to avoid that and limit the waste to an absolute minimum. Your pipe system will be left in place and renovated from the inside. We renovate your pipe system without impacting the environment in a negative way.

That is what we call an environmentally sustainable renovation solution.

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