Tubus System Sweden relined over 140 meters of collecting sewage piping, underneath a building at three meters depth in Kungsbacka in February 2014.

The sewage piping system with a dimension ranging from 6" up to 9", was located right underneath the building's concrete foundation at a depth of three meters. The pipe collects the waste water from all the connecting verticals and transports the building's waste water out to the municipal sewer system. The total length of the piping system exceeded 140 meters and was therefore divided in to separate segments, where the longest part was just over 40 meters between each access point.

Area Manager Anders Nyström explains:
 - The preparations were extensive and after thorough planning and discussions with our client, we prioritized minimal disturbance for the residents' every day life.

What is unique with this relining project in particular?
 - It is the longest pipe that Tubus System has relined in one piece under ground and probably the longest pipe ever relined with a spray relining technique.

Which were the biggest challenges?
 - First it was to plan the work as effective as possible so we could minimize the disturbance for the tenants. Then the actual length of the piping system and the limited access to the pipe.

What are the biggest advantages for the customer using Tubus System instead of a traditional pipe replacement?
 - Well, this wouldn't have been easy to exchange traditionally, if even possible at all. 140 meters sewage piping system on 3 meters of depth beneath the concrete foundation in dirt, mud and rockfill.  That is not an easy task! So apart from the cost for digging and breaking up the concrete floors and such, it is the speed of our method and the very limited disturbance for the tenants.

Was the customer satisfied?
 - Oh yes, very satisfied! The project exceeded the expectations and we kept our agreed time plan.
What are the lessons learned?
 - Planning, planning and planning. And on top of that, communication with the customer and having good employees. It is really satisfying to see how challenges bring out a good team spirit among our guys!

The private housing association "HSB Brf Gårdskulla" in Kungsbacka, located approximately 20 kilometers south of Gothenburg, Sweden, chose to renovate their sewage piping system with Tubus System in their four storey building built in the end of the 1950's. The project, apart from the collecting pipe, consisted of 63 apartments and 38 verticals. The verticals connected to the 140 meter long service pipe underneath the building's concrete foundation and ran along the entire length of the building, out to the municipal sewage system. Tubus System's ultimate goals were kept, we solved our clients problems and we kept the agreed time plan.

If you want to know more about this project in Kungsbacka or how Tubus System can be of help for you, please contact us at

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